• 1. Geography and Math

    Go round Cambodia within 30 min!!

  • Purpose

    To improve the educational situation in Cambodia and to provide opportunities for all students both formal and informal education to get basic knowledge as their fun. In addition, to provide the environment teachers can teach more comfortably. The teaching materials must contain the element to enjoy as game for students. After students get basic knowledge, it is possible to do bottom up of educational state; it means it is possible to change the educational situation from primary education to higher education. After bottom up of education, it will be effective support to develop the economics in Cambodia. It will be a chance to solve the poverty in the world.


    Since May of 2009, besides teaching the Japanese Language, I have started to create new educational materials to improve the capabilities and abilities of students in Cambodia without pencil, notebook or other stationary items. But I did not focus on the Japanese Language; I focused on the basic education in Cambodia, at first, I have created a new teaching material about math and geography because of suggestions from staff of the Ministry of Education in Cambodia. Although most staff and teachers who worked at Angkor University did not understand the reason that I started to create teaching materials for basic education, I continued to create it after my daily tasks without funding support. Although it was tough days, I enjoyed creating teaching materials. Then I considered the "Universality" and “Reality”. If I bring the teaching materials to other counties, the students with formal and informal education can both use, although there is no electricity.

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    Approval Letter issued by Minister of Education, Cambodia

    On October 14, 2010, I received an approval letter from the Ministry of Education, Sport and Youth (MOEYS) in Cambodia. Then I got a suggestion from a staff of MOEYS to go to the Teacher Training College and give a lecture to explain how to use the new teaching material for the students who will become the teachers in future. If participants consider principle, it’ll be possible for them to provide attractive and interesting presentations like magic.

  • Specific objectives of the project

    1. Object of improving the educational situation to raise the knowledge in basic education with enjoyment in Cambodia.
    2. Object of preparing opportunities for all students both formal and informal education aims to get basic knowledge.
    3. Object of providing good environment for teaching aims to support all teachers. Although there is not enough time for teaching, the new teaching materials will support teachers.
    4. To prove the possibility for students to be able to get basic knowledge without stationaries. Especially there are not enough stationary in countryside.

    To complete these objectives, we create new kind of teaching materials which have been considered the style as games.

  • 1st Research Program

    Research the effect of teaching materials, “Geography” in Cambodia

    Project Manager: Shuji Matsuoka

    Assistant: Hing Chamroeun

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    1. Purpose

    To share information of new teaching materials which I have created with trainees and trainers at three provincial teacher training collages.


    2. Date & Place

    Date: Siem Reap Province, 08/Jul/2017 (Sat)

    Banteay Meanchey Province, 15/Jul/2017 (Sat)

    Battambang Province, 17/Jul/2017 (Mon)

    Lecture at Teacher Training Collage

    At first, I held lecture, and I explained that the teaching materials have the high learning effect through playing by oneself as fun. Then I shared the result of my research in Siem Reap.

    *We confirm which one is stronger between “Language” and “Image” with simple experiment by “Stroop Effect”.

  • Workshop

    After lecture session, we held workshop with trainees at each teacher training collage.

    At first, we selected 5 trainees as player, and I explained how to use the teaching materials during these 5 trainees using it.


    After short demonstration, I divided trainees into groups, and each group started.

    During workshop, some of trainees studied the contents by instruction book after finishing.

    Moreover, some of them tried to thinking things out by themselves. Although there are not enough stationery, they found good solution. It means they understood the meaning of “Reality” which I explained during my lecture.


    Moreover, trainees looked so excited and enjoyed as their fun during workshop.

    *About details, please refer to the movies as below.

  • Result of 2nd and 3rd research

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