• 3. Literacy Education

    Simple but Enough

  • Purpose

    To provide an effective teaching material for literacy education especially grade 1.
    Because I found that some students had not remembered how to write Khmer Language yet, although they were grade 4, 5 and 6 during my research from November of 2018 until January of 2019.


    This is an evidence to prove that if students can remember how to write Khmer Language in early education period, it’ll be possible for students to improve the level of their Khmer Language proficiency. Moreover, it will make the situation that surrounded teachers better for their teaching.

    Specific objectives of the project

    • Object of improving the educational situation to raise the knowledge in basic education with enjoyment in Cambodia.
    • Object of preparing opportunities for all students both formal and informal education aims to get basic knowledge.
    • Object of providing good environment for teaching aims to support all teachers. Although there is not enough time for teaching, the new teaching materials will support teachers.
    • To prove the possibility for students to be able to get basic knowledge without stationary. Especially there are not enough stationery and equipment in countryside.
    • To prove that it’s possible to utilize this educational material style at other countries as universal model.


    "Simple but Enough"


    • The teaching material of Literacy Education does not require pencil, pen, notebook and electricity.
    • The teaching material must be related with official textbook for grade 1 in Cambodia.
    • The teaching material needs simple style.
    • One teaching material can cover at least four students at once.
    • It’s possible to utilize this teaching material style at other countries as universal model.
  • Basic Image

    Teaching Materials for Literacy Education

  • 1. Cambodia

    Official Textbook

    (Grade 1)

    Official Textbook

    (Grade 1: Inside)

    New Teaching Material

    *Research fund donated by Japan Social Aid Foundation since 2018
  • Pre-Research

    Research the effect of teaching materials, “Literacy Education, Khmer Language”

    1. Location
    Ou Sampor Primary School (Banteay Meanchey Province, Cambodia)
    2. Date
    • 02 February, 2018 (1st Research)
    • 12 February, 2018 (2nd Research)
    • 27February, 2018  (3rd Research)
    3. Target: Grade 1
    4. Time for research: 10 min
    5. Result of Pre-Research

    Research fund donated by Japan Social Aid Foundation since 2018

  • 2. Myanmar

    ・Full Supported and Sponsored by J THINK MYANMAR Co, Ltd.
    ・Cooperated by Trust & Gain Co., Ltd.

    Official Textbook

    (Left:KG, Right:G1)

    Official Textbook (Grade1)

    (33 consonants)

    New Educational Material

    *Research fund donated by

  • Research for effect of teaching materials

    Kayin State

    Hpa-An City

    (Kayin State)

    1. Location
    8 schools at Hpa-An City and around Hpa-An City
    (Kayin State, Myanmar)
    2. Date
    • 25-27/JUN/2019 (1st Research)
    • 29-30/JUL/2019 and 01-02/AUG/2019 (2nd Research)
    3. Target: Kindergarten and Grade 1
    4. Time for research: 10 min/class
    5. Result of 1st and 2nd Research
  • - Kindergarten (KG)

  • - Grade 1 (G1)

    Research fund donated by J THINK MYANMAR Co., LTD