• 2. Science

    Think fundamentally & Look for "Reality"

  • Purpose

    To provide participants with three kind of skills: Communication, Presentation and Preparation, basic knowledge of science and attitude as presenter though the experiment for their future. In addition, we will provide participants with opportunity to consider “Reality” through this program.


    We provide Science Program with wide range of experiments which are also useful for the daily life. Through the experiments, the candidates must consider natural material. Because the materials which participants can use are limited. It means they are not allowed to use chemicals. Then they will look for the principle and consider the process of experiments carefully and logically. Without careful consideration, it must be difficult for participant to hold presentation and explain the content. Dr. Albert Einstein said, “If you can’t explain it simply, you don’t understand it well enough”.


    If participants consider principle, it’ll be possible for them to provide attractive and interesting presentations like magic.


    Moreover, this program will connect science to our daily things. Then it’ll be easy for primary school students to recognize the content. And it’ll be possible for primary school students to do same experiments at their home. It’ll be good practice and support for their study. Then it’ll be possible for them to think about principle.


    Through this program, we will provide opportunity for participants to consider principle by themselves. It means they will find reality.


    This experience will provide each participant with the necessary on-the-job knowledge and skills, which can be applied to carrying out work-based activities.

  • Ask “Why”
    Look for “Reality”

    During the science program, we asked students “Why?”. This question is very important for the student to think the reason by themselves. And we explain the reason of the phenomenon which was happening in front of them.


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    Activities with foreign students

    We have held science program with Japanese students who joined Prof. Satoko MORI's Field Work Program, Meisei University as exchange program since December of 2015.
    *During the program, we set English as common language during the program to keep fairness for Cambodian students.

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    1. Discussion

    Before the discussion, we divide both students of Cambodian and Japanese to three or four groups for each presentation. Then we inform the condition of this program as rule. Especially how to arrange the time and budget which we prepared. Within the limited condition, they will discuss each presentation. If they need to buy some equipment, they can go to buy it anytime. But they must consider the time, because they have to hold presentation as rehearsal.

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    2. Inspection

    After discussion, we will go to local primary school as inspection for each presentation. It’s very important for participants to know the environment and condition to consider how to appeal and hold their own presentation.

    Moreover, it’s very important for them to meet school principal and greet directly. It means they will build the first step to make good relationship for their presentation.

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    3. Rehearsal

    At the end of each session, participants must hold presentation as rehearsal. In this case, they have three days to discuss and hold presentation. During the rehearsal, participants can find their lacking points and recognized the current situation by themselve. After that, they encouraged and continued to improve the quality of each presenation. Then they start to communicate with each other.

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    4. Show each experiment as Magic Show

    In this case, four groups held their own presentations at local primary school. Then about seventy students joined and enjoyed their presentation as magic or science show.

    At this time, fortunately school principal joined and explained about experiment about some experimentation. This is the best case to improve the quality of local school.

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    Moreover, the participants showed the primary school students the desirable attitude for students during their presentations. When one group held presentation, other group members assisted the current presentation. Then it becomes a guidance which is based on living of a child. So we hope it’ll offer desirable surroundings for primary school students through this program.

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    5. Feedback as vote

    After finishing all of presentations, we will ask students which experimentation was most interesting. Then we use voting style. If a group has discussed clearly and held rehearsal surely, the group can get many votes. On the other hand, if a group could not discuss surely, the presentation must make student boring, so the group cannot hope to get a lot of votes. Then they will know how important it is to communicate with each other.

  • Mission Completed!!

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