• Create educational opportunities

    for everyone


    To create the environment where everyone can study with fun.


    1. To encourage student think the principle as their fun by the new teaching materials
    2. To provide the opportunities for every students to get basic knowledge
    3. To create new teaching materials and spread them in the world for everyone
  • News!!


    Workshop with managements and teachers each campus in Phnom Penh
    @ Pannasastra International School, Toul Tumpoung Campus, 07 May, 2022

  • 2021

    "Closing the Education Gap Cambodia"

    Free on demand service

    *Available from 14 April, 2021 until 14 April, 2022 (Finished)

    New Characters based on 7 colors in Cambodia
    *Special Thanks for Mr. Kunthea LIM to draw!!

    Ceremony of Signing MOU between Battambang Provincial Tourism Department and PUC-BB, 19 March, 2021

    Educational Game

    for Kids
    (Introduction Video)

  • 2020

    "Sensei Lab"

    Lesson Videos via YouTube

    i-TMs Project

    as Hybrid Teaching Materials since 2020

    Nutrition Education
    (BMI Survey)

    with Hijiyama University

    @Battambang City

    17-20 February, 2020

    "A Map to a Bright Future"
    by Meet the People
    Radio Program
    15 January, 2020

  • 2019

    Fresh News
    24 December, 2019


    Science Program

    with Meisei University, 16-19 December, 2019

    Cambodia Festival
    Kansai University, Elementary School
    (Osaka, Japan)
    07 December, 2019

    Research Program
    "Literacy Education"

    3rd Research
    31 December, 2019 - 08 January, 2020

    Research Program
    "Literacy Education"

    1st Research
    02-06 December, 2019

    "A Map to a Bright Future: Cambodia"
    Side by Side,

    16 October, 2019
    -16 October, 2020
    "Educational Innovation Without Stationery and Electricity"
    24 February, 2019