• Literacy Education

    (Khmer Language)

    i-TMs Ver.

    Challenge to look for seamless style

    which combined Substance Base and Digital Base

    since 2018

  • Cooperated with PUC-BB & PSIS-BB

    i-TMs; Khmer Language

    Khmer Language

    (Vowel & Consonant)

    Interview & Voices

    from Student's Parents

  • Khmer Language
    (Vowels & Consonants)

    Research fund donated by Japan Social Aid Foundation since 2018


  • A documentary of with colleagues and teachers at PUC-BB & PSIS-BB


    Broadcasted by NHK WORLD-JAPAN
    "Closing the Education Gap: Cambodia - Side by Side"
    *Period: April 14, 2021 - April 14, 2022 (Finished)