• Works & Awards

  • 1. History of Creating New Teaching Materials



  • 2. Works as a teacher and management

    December 2007: Established and opened Japanese Language Department at Angkor University


    January 2010: Established “Science Program” as social contribution


    October 2010: Got approval for new teaching material from the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sport which Prof. Matsuoka has created since 2009.


    October 2014:



    - Started handling Japanese Language Proficiency Test (JLPT) as head of Siem Reap Site



    March 2015: Established Japanese Language Course, “Vocabulary and Grammar” at PUC-SR.


    June 2015: Concluded the Agreement about JLPT as test center at Siem Reap Site between Cambodia-Japan Cooperation Center (CJCC) and PUC-SR


    December 2015: Concluded MOU between CJCC and PUC-SR


    February 2017: Concluded MOU between Meisei University, Tokyo, Japan and PUC-SR


    April 2017: Concluded MOA between Meisei University and PUC-SR

    *Two Cambodian students went to Meisei University (1 month and 2 weeks)
    *One Japanese student came to PUC-SR as exchange student (1 year)


    December 2017: Concluded MOU between Takasaki University of Commerce, Gunma, Japan and PAÑÑĀSĀSTRA UNIVERSITY OF CAMBODIA, Battambang Campus (PUC-BB), and PUC-SR


    January 2018: Concluded MOU between Hijiyama University, Hiroshima, Japan and PUC-SR


    June 2018: Concluded MOU between Angkor Tiger Football Club, Siem Reap and PUC-SR


    August 2018: Concluded MOU between Hokuriku University, Ishikawa, Japan and PUC-SR


    September 2018: Concluded MOU between Asia University, Tokyo, Japan and PUC-SR


    July 2019: One student of PUC-SR went to Meisei University (2 weeks)


    September 2019:

    - Stop to work at PUC-SR.

    - Decided to stop handling JLPT as head of Siem Reap Site.

    - Took office as an advisor of International Exchange Program which supported by Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology, Japan.(Kaibara Senior High School)


    December 2019: Move to PUC-BB as Manager of International Relations.


    December 2020: Concluded

    - MOU between Hokuriku University, Ishikawa, Japan and PUC-BB

    - MOU between Kaibara Senior High School and PAÑÑĀSĀSTRA International School, Battambang Branch (PSIS-BB)


    March 2021: Concluded MOU between Department of Tourism, Battamban Province and PUC-BB

    3. Publication

    Instructor Book Game : “30 min. around Cambodia” < Geography & Arithmetic >

    4. Awards

    ・28 August, 2009: "Moni Sara Poan, Thipadin Prize" by the Royal Highness


    ・12 August, 2009: “Certification of Appreciation” from Education Minister, Im Sethy (2009)

  • "Moni Sara Poan, Thipadin Prize"

    The Royal Highness

    (Kingdom of Cambodia)

    28 August, 2009
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    signed by The Royal Highness
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