• Vision & Missions


      To create the environment where everyone can study with fun.


      1. To encourage student think the principle as their fun by the new teaching materials
      2. To provide the opportunities for every students to get basic knowledge
      3. To create new teaching materials and spread them in the world for everyone
    • What is our teaching materials?

      The new teaching materials with the high learning effect through playing by oneself as fun.
      The effects of this teaching material are as below.

      • Students can get basic knowledge as their fun without school supplies including pencil, notebook and other basic stationaries.
      • Students can use the new teaching materials without electrical power.
      • The new teaching materials can reduce burdens imposed on teachers drastically.
      • Students can learn group behavior through the new teaching materials
      • High learning effect in short time
    • i-Teaching Materials

      (i-TMs) Project

      Challenge to look for seamless style

      which combined Substance Base and Digital Base since 2018

    • 1. Key Members

      Mr. Chea Sovath
      Vice-Principal, PSIS-BB

      Mr. Nol Sokhon

      Mrs. Mao Chhiv
      Teacher: PSIS-BB (Khmer Program)

      Mrs. Khem Kim Heang

      Teacher: PSIS-BB (Khmer Program)

      Mrs. Pheach Sampor
      Former Teacher: PSIS-BB (Khmer Program)

      Mrs. Mrs. Thou Eng
      Teacher: PSIS-BB (Khmer Program, Grade 1)

      Mrs. Kae Luon
      Teacher: PSIS-BB (Khmer Program-Grade 1)

      Mrs. Tim Sokha
      Teacher: PSIS-BB (Khmer Program-Kindergarten)

      Mrs. Touch Sonetra
      (Khmer Program-Kindergarten)

    • 2. Original Equipment

      for i-Teaching Materials (i-TMs) Project

      1-1. Dice

      ( Paper based )

      1-2. Dice

      ( Pencil Based )

      2. Characters

      3. Conversion Card